A Double Claim Win

$750 Million Powerball Jackpot Claimed By Two Winning Ticket Holders

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7 Time Winner Tips

Lottery Winning Tips From A Seven Time Lottery Winner

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Just One Ticket

One lucky Powerball player will have their life changed forever after they scooped a record-breaking $570 million jackpot.

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Anonymous Lottery Wins

One would think that after winning the lotto all your troubles would be a thing of the past, but one major problem lottery winners all have is remaining anonymous to the general public.

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USA Powerball Historical Results

Highest Powerball Winner in History

$758.7 million is the largest single ticket jackpot in history, this was won by Mavis Wanczyk a Chicopee resident on the 24 August 2017, matching 5 balls plus, the Powerball. Wanczyk had purchased several tickets some with numbers she had chosen and others as a quickpic. Her winning ticket materialized from the ticket numbers she had chosen, which included birthdays and special family dates as well as her lucky number 4.

The 53-year-old Wanczyk who had been working at Mercy Medical Centre in Springfield massachusetts for 32 years, quit her job immediately. And felt a restless after she had discovered she had won. She stated in her interview that she was unable to drive after hearing the news and had to be escorted home.

It is estimated that $120.1 million in taxes is first deducted for federal coffers and @24 million for the Massachusetts State. Mavis takes home 336 million after tax, which is still a massive amount making her wealthier than some major stars. The Win is claimed to be the largest figure won by any individual lottery ticket within the US.

Lotto Strategy

Winning national lotteries requires more strategy that players realise. Sure most JackPot winners are the one in millions but players that consistently win second ant third tier prizes are lottery strategists.

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